Name: Hartley Oglesby

Rank: Relief Driver

Phone #: 4042774499

Email: Oglesbyhartley@gmail.com

Product : 2 shields and a plaque shield

Your experience : Loved working with Taylor's tins on my custom shield the process was quick easy and they were very professional and took the time to really understand what I was wanting and made it happen. I've already had my shield in multiple fires and it's still holding up like brand new. On another shield they made an amazing plaque for a fallen firefighter we had earlier this year and it is truly amazing. I will forever be apart of the tins mafia.


Name: Adam Pechacek

Rank: Captain

Phone #: 2545486864

Email: adam.pechacek90@gmail.com

Product : I have bought 2 tins and a t chain

Your experience : My experience was amazing. When I had my first tin made, I was always kept well informed throughout the process. The second tin I ordered was a special one it was designed after my father's old leather front. I sent a picture of that front and within the hour I had the initial design of my order. I will always recommend Taylors Tins. The quality is second to none and I will never go back to leather.


 Name: Ron Givens

Rank: Captain

Phone #: 2396992393

Email: Stfd640@gmail.com

Product : 8 tins, 2 locker tags, 20 keychains, 10 bracelets

Your experience : Taylor is great. Customer service is bar none. The aulity of the tins and what Taylor can actually do to bring your dream into reality is amazing. Trust me, I’m a leather guy, but for the product Taylor puts out, its worth the leap into the metal industry. I will never go back to leather as long as Taylor is in business.


Name: Tyler Ellis

Rank: Provate

Phone #: 4192069612

Email: tps.student.5134@gmail.com

Product : 1 helmet shield

Your experience : Great customer service and very fast turn around time!


 Name: Tom Brady

Rank: Battalion Chief

Phone #: 4848898822

Email: Brady409b@yahoo.com

Product : 5

Your experience : Great product, very professional!


 Name: Greg Linne

Rank: Chief

Phone #: 812-309-0672

Email: tellcityfire@psci.net

Product : 10 custom tins for my department (more to come)

Your experience : Excellent quality product with awesome designs. From design to delivery in about 1 week! We will have the entire department in tins in a couple of months.


 Name: Clayton Graham

Rank: FF

Phone #: 6367342839

Email: Cgraham@lslfire.com

Product : Tin, keychain and lockertag

Your experience : All products are high quality and very durable. The turn around time even on bulk orders is very quick. Taylor is easy to work with and very helpful. I’ll be ordering another tin front in the future for sure.



 Name: Dan Tabachka

Rank: Fire fighter

Phone #: (412) 913-9511

Email: Tunnelrat119@gmail.com

Product : Got a helmet front and 2 key tags

Your experience : Great company everything turned out as to be expected. The helmet front still looks like the day I got it over a year ago it has been in training burns and quite a few fires. If you want a shield that will last get a Taylor Tin!


 Name: Nick Seward

Rank: Firefighter

Phone #: 2485359034

Email: nseward17@gmail.com

Product : Shields for our department

Your experience : My experience with Taylor's Tins was amazing. Top notch service, very quick and friendly. The Shields look incredible and can hold up to a busy inner city department. I've tried other tins and they don't compare. I won't put anything else on my helmet.



Name: Leonard Ruthruff

Rank: Firefighter/ Inspector

Phone #: 269-355-9083

Email: Leonard.ruthruff@gmail.com

Product : Helmet front 2

Your experience : Great service and great product!!!




Name: Robert Hawkins

Rank: Captain

Phone #: 501-773-6478

Email: Firefighterafd@gmail.com

Product : 4 Tin shields , Tets from Taylor Tins , and switched a Dept. to Tins and

Your experience : Awesome experience easy to talk to and great turn around and all around quality products made by firefighters for firefighters


Name: Matthew Wilson

Rank: Captain

Phone #: 9856074506

Email: fullyinvolvedfather@gmail.com

Product : 2 tins, challenge coin, hats, patch, stickers

Your experience : Taylor has been integral to my firefighter owned business. His dedication to his product and business shows in his product and packaging. The turn around time for a custom piece from concept to your door cannot be beat and he backs his products 100% with the BEST customer service. 
In my continued workings with Taylor I am proud to not only call him a partner in my business but a friend. You won't regret using Taylors Tins. 



Name: Chris Spencer

Rank: Assistant Chief

Phone #: 740-605-7145

Email: wtfd145@yahoo.com

Product : Metal fronts

Your experience : Great product and great customer service. I have purchased 3 my self and absolutely love them. 5 others have purchased them on my departments and feel the same way



Name: Bob Tucker

Rank: Battalion Chief

Phone #: 314-280-2673

Email: Fireman303@sncglobal.net

Product : Helmet front and key chains

Your experience : Taylor and the crew are great to work with and can do almost anything you want. Loved how quick i received a custom front for a great price. That front rides on my burn helmet/instructor lid and can take the heat. 

Work with them on some crew gifts and again quick and perfect.



Name: Nick Whitlock

Rank: Instructor

Phone #: 5134448469

Email: N.whitlock.mtfd@gmail.com

Product : 1 tin helmet front

Your experience : Ordered a shield for my live burn helmet and Iv put it through the ringer wearing it for over 10 live burns and everytime it wipes right off and looks good as new compared to before where I had to remove my shield or burn up my leather front. These guys make an amazing product and will definitely be ordering from them again



 Name: Josh Payne

Rank: Firefighter

Phone #: 7243283518

Email: Jjlandscaping2907@gmail.com

Product : N5a shield and a locker tag

Your experience : Just awesome.. quality is great and came earlier than expected.. just pure amazing.. so happy w these both.. will be ordering more in the future.... company responded fast and followed up when they said no hesitation and in a timely manner.



Name: Josh Rennaker

Rank: Captain

Phone #: 7656616165

Email: jren_ff_emt@yahoo.com

Product : 1 tin front

Your experience : Great to deal with. Taylor does amazing with your ideas and the turnaround time is great. Cant wait to switch my entire dept over.




 Name: James Parmley

Rank: Captain

Phone #: (314) 603-7399

Email: dcfd5706@yahoo.com

Product : Helmet Tins, I have 4 of them.

Your experience : Quick delivery time, awesome customer service. If there is a problem he’ll make it right.



 Name: Matthew Harbin

Rank: Training Officer

Phone #: 706-982-4994

Email: matthewharbin462@gmail.com

Product : Four custom tins

Your experience : Wonderful customer service and exceptional quality product built for the fire service.




 Name: Michael Wittu

Rank: Lieutenant

Phone #: 5738806613

Email: Mwittu93@gmail.com

Product : Helmet tins, Wall mounted Tin and keychains. 10 total

Your experience : I've never had a problem with anything that I've bought from Taylor's Tins, great turn around on products and good customer service. The tins hold up well in the field also!



Name: chuck kramaric

Rank: Retired Fire Captain

Phone #: 7039650254

Email: Tower5ladder@gmail.com

Product : 6 helmet fronts, 2 10in fronts, 2 bracelets

Your experience : One word describes Taylor's Tins----OUTSTANDING! I will continue to deal with him on any projects I have in mind. THANKS!



 Name: Alex Ocepek

Rank: Captain

Phone #: 6183039227

Email: aocepek71@gmail.com

Product : (1) Standard Shield

Your experience : Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Taylor helped me get my idea into design just how I imagined it. The product is high quality and looks great. The whole process from design to receiving it in the mail was 8 days. I’ve recommended him to all the other guys at my FD.



Name: Michael Blevins

Rank: Assistant Chief

Phone #: 4843748356

Email: Michael.Blevins@earltownshipfire.com

Product : Shield - 2

Your experience : I messaged the Facebook page with my vision and had a reply same day. Once he understood what my vision was, he had a drawing sent back the next day (or sooner) and I had minor changes I wanted. The small changes were made and another drawing sent back same day. Quick, quick service. Once I was content, I paid and a day or two later I got the tracking number for the package. Overall from design to delivery was a total of a week and a half max! Since having the tin on my helmet, I have had multiple compliments and guys asking where I got it! Very impressed with the service and the product!



 Name: Thomas Davis II

Rank: Chief

Phone #: 304 320 2186

Email: Tomdavis597@gmail.com

Product : Multiple tin purchases , T chains, chords,shirts

Your experience : The ordering process is so simple and easy. The products hold up extremely well, even being abused the shields still hold up. Taylor’s Tins is an incredible company with incredible people.



Name: Ashley Baker

Rank: firefighter/emt

Phone #: 843-692-6231

Email: Baker.Ashley14@gmail.com

Product : Memorial Cuffs; 200+

Your experience : Taylor was absolutely great to work with. Worked with our first idea, changed it for us when another idea came up. Was patience and caring. Fast turn around and friendly and fast service. Would highly recommend him for any Tin work you need done!



 Name: Jon Shackelford

Rank: Battalion Chief

Phone #: 812-870-5006

Email: Hcfdjds@gmail.com

Product : My department has 10 fronts in service. I have a Indy cut for my training helmet.

Your experience : Great to work with the fronts are amazing.



Name: Kyle Mueller

Rank: Firefighter

Phone #: 3142789066

Email: kamueller1989@gmail.com

Product : I bought 1 tin for my helmet

Your experience : Always a great experience! Any time I have messaged in regard to a product IV always had a great response quick and to the point. My tin was put in service the day I received it. Quality was great pieces are great and turnaround time is amazing!

Name: Mark Christiansen

Rank: Fire Chief

Phone #: 8452391445

Email: Markmets415@outlook.com

Product : Tins, key chain

Your experience : Excellent products by an equally excellent individual



Name: Ryan Hiller

Rank: Firefighter

Phone #: 570-851-9934

Email: rhiller107@gmail.com

Product : Helmet shield. 1

Your experience : Taylor was very responsive to any questions I had when trying to decide a style, color, and font. He responded very quickly and answered all my questions professionally. I will deffinitely buy another shield from Taylor’s Tins!!



Name: Darin Keith

Rank: Captain/Training Officer

Phone #: 309-738-1021

Email: Darinkeith04@gmail.com

Product : Helmet fronts and locker tags

Your experience : Fast, high quality service and products! Have ordered several helmet fronts for my department and locker tags for my department. Love the looks of both and the high quality of them. Thanks for such great service and great products.



Name: Ross Peek

Rank: Lieutenant

Phone #: 304-841-3615

Email: Medic1028@gmail.com

Product : 1 shield

Your experience : My experience with Taylor’s Tins was great. I had an idea for a shield and he was able to build it from the ground up. Great guy to work with.



Name: Robert Gile

Rank: Firefighter

Phone #: 2768804109

Email: Rgile09@yahoo.com

Product : 1 shield

Your experience : Have to say this has been an amazing product and a perfect fit for my helmet. It has withstood a lot and still look new today.


Name: Erick Benoit

Rank: Lieutenant

Phone #: 9786189133

Email: l5fire@stow-ma.gov

Product : 1 Helmet Shield

Your experience : Fast messaging responses and easy to design with. Extremely quick turn around time



Name: Jim Blackburn

Rank: Firefighter

Phone #: 4124639309

Email: Jim.blackburn45@yahoo.com

Product : Custom shield and 2 playing cards

Your experience : Buying process was quick and easy. Awesome turn around time. Amazing products.



Name: EZEKIEL Garrett

Rank: Asst. Chief

Phone #: 2052243718

Email: E.garrettepvfd@gmail.com

Product : Shield (1)

Your experience : Absolutely love my tin. Great service and fast shipping



Name: Trea Swan

Rank: Firefighter

Phone #: 6189230574

Email: Trea.swan@gmail.com

Product : 1 sheild

Your experience : Great company will do more buissnes with them in the future!



Name: Mike Picchioldi

Rank: Lieutenant - retired/ executive board trustee Muddy River F.O.O.L.S.

Phone #: 6189202845

Email: Mpicchioldi@gmail.com

Product : Helmet tins

Your experience : I have a tin on my F.O.O.L.S. helmet that is awesome. It was exactly what I wanted and I wasn't limited to a certain number of panels or letters like a leather helmet front. It was so great our organization began ordering them as an award for our fundraiser. I also ordered a tin for my retirement helmet. It is easy to keep clean and is a definite conversation starter when people see it.



Name: Tyler Wallace

Rank: Firefighter

Phone #: 6185355010

Email: tylerwallace62052@gmail.com

Product : 1 shied 1 tin chain

Your experience : Amazing. Does awesome work will be ordering a lot more stuff from him



Name: Vincent Pischettola

Rank: Lt

Phone #: 7326825478

Email: Vinny@jerseyshorereacuetools.com

Product : Shield (1)

Your experience : Professional, great design, quick, responsive and awesome work!!



Name: Michael Sarno

Rank: Firefighter

Phone #: (570)926-7422

Email: mss94@ptd.net

Product : Locker Tag/ Aluminum Playing Cards

Your experience : Orders were fulfilled quickly and customer care was outstanding. The communication while designing my locker tag was better than any custom order I've placed anywhere. Everything is high quality and that includes the company.



Name: AJ Van Leer

Rank: FF

Phone #: 6367446674

Email: Vanleer1834@gmail.com

Product : Tin shield

Your experience : Very quick turnaround time, super nice to deal with, quality product



Name: Ken Haluzak

Rank: Fire Chief

Phone #: 217-841-3040

Email: khaluzak@mchsi.com

Product : Helmet front & I’ve purchased 4 thus far

Your experience : Great customer service and very quick turnaround time.



Name: Matthew Brennan

Rank: Captain

Phone #: 239-980-0729

Email: mbrennan639@gmail.com

Product : Shields and T-Chains (8 shields and a handful of chains)

Your experience : First, communication is 2nd to none. I've only had to wait an hour at most for a reply. Second, I've given pretty elaborate descriptions and he's nailed the designs. I only changed a few because I didn't like my own thought. Third, the cost is close to basic leather shield but with truly custom designs. Lastly, payment to delivery is insanely fast and tops Conway or Firestore



Name: David Platz

Rank: Boss

Phone #: 2482451242

Email: david.platz@charfiretools.com

Product : 5 Tins

Your experience : Experience was awesome! Solid dude making bad ass tins. Had a couple made for the CHAR Tool bros and they came out great! Solid craftsmanship, attention to detail and customer service. Would highly recommend Taylor's Tins!



Name: Greg Whited

Rank: Captain

Phone #: 304-807-1731

Email: gregwhited21@gmail.com

Product : Two tins and two key chain tins

Your experience : Everything I have recieved has been absolutely wonderful and has lasted going through hell. Way better than leather.



Name: Michael Kennedy

Rank: Firefighter

Phone #: 8457064420

Email: Michael.james.kennedy@gmail.com

Product : 1 custom shield

Your experience : Quick service and delivery, maintained exceptional service and contact through the short process of creating and sending product. Really nice guy and exceptional product would definitely recommend to everyone and buy exclusively through Taylor’s tins.



Name: David Kaiser

Rank: Lieutenant

Phone #: 720-299-4770

Email: poshemt@yahoo.com

Product : Helmet shield (1)

Your experience : Great customer service. Designed same day. Had it within 5 days.



Name: Steven Oggenfuss

Rank: Chief

Phone #: 8644498359

Email: stevenoggenfuss@gmail.com

Product : 2 shields 1 gold leaf and one standard

Your experience : Very well build shields and hold up great. Easy to clean and maintain.



Name: William Drake

Rank: Firefighter

Phone #: 4193099901

Email: willdrake16@gmail.com

Product : Taylors Tins Front Shield

Your experience : My experience with Taylors Tins was great. Within 20 minutes of messaging Taylor he had a design and price sent to me. He was fast to answer any questions I had and was even able to change the design if requested. Taylors Tins is my go to for helmet shields.



Name: Nick Adams

Rank: Engineer

Phone #: 8649186572

Email: gmfd678@gmail.com

Product : Shield

Your experience : Was very fast at responding and quick at getting it rendered and designed and shipped



Name: Sean Kelley

Rank: Captain

Phone #: 7325223637

Email: s.kelley21fire@gmail.com

Product : Tins , key chains

Your experience : Great customer service will be doing business again with Taylor



Name: Dalton Trippe

Rank: Lieutenant

Phone #: 4177334313

Email: Salty_dog1990@yahoo.com

Product : 2 YOS Shields/1 Helmet Shield/ Challenge Coin/ T-Chain

Your experience : Taylor’s Tins are an amazing product line. The fronts last forever, under the most extreme conditions. You will not find another product on earth as competitive as Taylor’s Tins. Extremely wonderful customer service, does everything he says he will, and can’t be beat in price. You will not be disappointed.



Name: Charlie Yonker

Rank: Battalion chief

Phone #: 616-312-4514

Email: Charliey1965@gmail.com

Product : I bought 5 5 1/2 inch Shields quick response with the orders and the Fantastic workmanship

Your experience : Fantastic workmanship on the Shields and very fast with the orders and sending a pre-approval picture I highly recommend Taylor's tins stop burning up leather and buy Taylor's tins



Name: Brandon Vantreese

Rank: Captain

Phone #: 6073827967

Email: Brandonvantreese@gmail.com

Product : 2 shields

Your experience : Absolutely amazing products, plan to buy one for my instructors helmet. Will only wear tin on my helmets for the rest of my career



Name: Lillian Carney

Rank: Widow

Phone #: 8439027095

Email: CarneyStrong@gmail.com

Product : Keychains 100

Your experience : Rockstar



Name: Joe Paolo

Rank: Captain

Phone #: 7329043551

Email: firedog4743@gmail.com

Product : Three shields and three key chains

Your experience : Excellent and easy to deal with. Had ideas in my head and Taylor made them into awesome shields for me to wear.



Name: Robert Hawkins

Rank: Captain

Phone #: 501-773-6478

Email: Firefighterafd@gmail.com

Product : Shields

Your experience : Awesome experience timely great professional products for firefighters by firefighters



Name: Justin Upchurch

Rank: Assistant Chief

Phone #: 7067822751

Email: jupchurch@rabuncounty.ga.gov

Product : 1 helmet front

Your experience : Great personalized service. Fast turnaround. Excellent workmanship.



Name: Kevin Goodnight

Rank: SGT

Phone #: 7199850022

Email: Kevingoodnight2131@yahoo.com

Product : Memorial bracelet x2

Your experience : Fast, great designs, flexible, and immediate responses. Great prices as well.



Name: Bradley Vick

Rank: Assistant Chief

Phone #: 870-830-3280

Email: brad@archstreetfd.org

Product : 12 shields, tetrahedrons, 10 Aluminum cards

Your experience : Taylor is on the ball and always willing to help. He has a great product, I have had no issues with anything I have preferred from him. Always willing to answer questions.
I highly recommend him and his products, long lasting and he puts time and passion in each product he turns out.